Sandra Brizzi

Title: Director / O.I.E.C / Advocate


Mobile: 0404 078 567


There are a lot of opinions around property and this just adds another level of complexity for buyers when considering real estate.  After all,  which opinion is the right one, your accountants, your family or your friends? Rest assured, the advice we provide, is the advice that is most beneficial to you, and not our hip pocket”.

“The advice I provide my clients is extremely calculated, as the main objective is , whether the property is actually any good. It begins with analysing the property first and foremost for its resale ability. Who is the next buyer or tenant for this property. I want to ensure that there is always the largest buyer pool for your property when the time comes for you to sell it”.

“I live, breathe and dream real estate and without my passion and expertise, it can be quite a disadvantage to buyers who try and do this on their own. This is why it’s critical that you call me before you purchase anything. Do it right the first time and you set yourself up for life.