Ian Reid Buyer Advocates

Born from nearly twenty years of service to homesellers as Ian Reid Vendor Advocates, Melbourne’s premier property service now brings the same levels of customer focus and professional expertise to home or investment buying.

With intimate market knowledge and unmatched advocacy experience Ian Reid Buyer Advocates offer property buyers in Melbourne a full-service company designed to deliver outstanding results when purchasing one of life’s biggest financial investments.

Headed by Director, Ben Reid, Ian Reid Buyer Advocates is designed to make the process of buying real estate in Melbourne’s dynamic property market seamless, simple and, ultimately for you, the most profitable.

No matter if you are an investor, developer or home buyer, the strategic market knowledge and personal service that Ian Reid Buyer Advocates provide, means you will save time and money and, most importantly, avoid expensive traps and pitfalls when buying property.

We offer a FLAT FEE business model, and most importantly we are totally independent.

Ian Reid is perfect for you if;

You want to buy the right property, at the right price and you want qualified advice to ensure you don't make a poor property choice.
You've found a property to buy, but you’re uncertain of its true value and want to be sure you don’t overpay.
You want experience in your corner when dealing with real estate agents.
You want access to Melbourne's best 'off market' properties, ones you would never normally find out about.
You're overseas, or interstate but want to buy a property in Melbourne.
You’re uncertain about which type of property will perform best for you as an investment.

We'll guide you through
Melbourne's property maze

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