Our Process

We employ a comprehensive Five Step strategy.

Step 01. The Brief

In a detailed interview, we clearly identify your needs and wishes, your timeframe, budget and expectations. This discussion (totally without cost or obligation) will be the cornerstone for everything we do for you from then on.

Step 02. The Search

Taking into account your budget and your buying criteria, we launch into a comprehensive exploration of the current real estate market (both on and off market) to identify properties that fall within your guidelines.

Step 03. Analysis

This is the critical process of assessing current price expectations, an accurate capital growth profile, and the suitability of the property for your needs. It's vitally important to get this step 100% right. As Sandra Brizzi says, "we need to make absolutely sure that you don't waste your time and your money. I always say, don't buy the wrong property, even if it's at the right price!"

Step 04. The Recommendations

Having narrowed the search down and identified the ideal properties, we will put our considered recommendations in front of you.

Step 05. The Purchase

This is where we bid or negotiate on your behalf to secure the property for you, with your ideal terms and conditions, at the right price.

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