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Auction Bidding

Need help Bidding at auction or knowing what a property is worth?

Perhaps you've already found the right property, but are unsure about the price guide being quoted and want an expert opinion on what it's really worth? Or you just want a skilled professional bidding for you at the auction.

With thorough research and the right tactics on the day, auction is a great way to buy. Let us help you become the winning bidder!

Prestige Property Purchases

Did you know, a large percentage of Melbourne’s multi-million-dollar property sales change hands ever year, without ever being advertised?

In fact, the majority of Ian Reid Buyer Advocates prestige purchases are completed off-market. We not only have connections with Melbourne’s top prestige agencies, but we will also directly approach owners of specifically desired properties for our clients.

We leave no stone unturned to provide access to Melbourne’s best off-market luxury homes. This means we’re negotiating directly with vendors, without any competition from other buyers, and securing property for tens, or often hundreds of thousands of dollars less than others are paying for similar homes. All of this is achieved with a level of discretion and confidentiality that is hard to replicate in a more public forum.

Private Negotiations

Need help negotiating on a Private Sale property or understanding a property’s value?

We know how to protect your best interests when dealing with real estate agents. We'll happily and confidently step up to the plate for you to counter all their tactics, and we won't let you pay anything but the lowest possible price for your dream property.

Investment Purchases

Need help finding an investment property?

Whether it's your first investment property or your fifth, whether it's residential, commercial, industrial or another special interest category, having an experienced Advocate to steer you through the process, will be a tremendous saving for you in both time and money.

Our thorough research, specialist market knowledge, vast experience in every category of real estate transaction, will give you a real edge, to ensure you not only finish ahead of other buyers, but also ahead of the market itself!

Off The Plan

Want to buy "Off The Plan" and need help identifying which development is good?

Let's put it this way. There are many, many 'off the plan' developments you should never ever buy. This is one area of real estate acquisition you need to be very careful around.

Purchasing a property that hasn't been built yet can be a great opportunity, but it's fraught with challenges you may not be aware of. Quality assurance, design components, builder reputation, capital growth, pricing, time frame and performance guarantees – there are pitfalls aplenty. That said, we know what you're looking for, and we know where to find it. Ian Reid Buyer Advocates will guide you through the maze.

Property Development

Need help finding a development opportunity?

If you want to create new wealth as a property developer, one of your greatest assets could be Ian Reid Buyer Advocates.

Whether you want assistance in sourcing new sites, assessing their suitability and feasibility for development, securing the property at the right price and on the right terms, or providing market insights that help you fine tune your end product, the team at Ian Reid Buyer Advocates are ready to take all the uncertainty out of the buying process.

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